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Welcome to Machinability Division of Bay-Lynx

Machinability designs and manufactures snow plow equipment for a wide variety of applications for extreme commercial use utilizing advanced design and manufacturing processes.

Whether you are looking for a highly cost effective small plow for clearing sidewalks or looking to equip your entire corporate or municipal fleet with large, powered, articulated blades, we have a solution that will match your requirements.

Some of our blade features include:

- Machinability's standard mounting system ensuring reliability and compatibility with all of our plow mounts

- Lightweight, ultra-strong construction ensuring long life

- Fully supported beam mounting system providing long blade life, reduced time for blade replacement, increased fuel economy, reduced stress on hydraulics and plow components, and reduced strain on vehicle drive train.


Recent News

On Route to Ve-Tech

Bay-Lynx is proud to announce that we have finished the build on 2 of these 10M60 Newman Mixer units mounted on Renault Euro 6 Stock. The 3rd unit is in its final stages and will be complete by tomorrow morning. These units are on their way out of our UK shop and headed to our customers over at Ve-Tech Concrete Ltd.

We would like to thank Robert for allowing us to share this unit with all of our followers.

These 3 units will be headed to a tradeshow this upcoming weekend. Look for them around on the jobsites.



Posted: 05/06/2015